You can think of a home energy audit as your home’s energy efficiency check-up. We use diagnostic tools like a blower door test, manometer (a pressure-measuring gauge), smoke sticks, and thermal imaging cameras to see where your home’s energy efficiency could be improved. Oftentimes, we hear from clients who received high-cost estimates for adding more insulation in their attic when their attics didn’t end up being the culprit to their high electricity bills. A home energy audit can tell you this before spending a lot of money with little return insight. The highest-cost solutions are rarely the most effective.

We have a video on our website that shows the process of a blower door test, the link to watch it is below. The equipment has a frame and flexible panel that fits inside your front door, making it airtight. A variable speed-calibrated fan sits at the bottom. With the rest of the home’s windows and doors closed, the fan is turned on and the pressure gauge reveals how much air your home is leaking out and in.

It is important to know if your home is allowing unhealthy air inside your living space.  Mold, must, and dust could be coming in through your attic or crawlspace. If your HVAC system has leaks it could be distributing this unconditioned air throughout your home whenever it is running. For allergy sufferers, this can be a real problem. The good news, there is always a solution to these problems, and we can help you find them.

Our goal is to reduce your energy expenses and increase your comfort while reducing your carbon footprint. The sustainable solutions we provide are personalized for you and your home’s unique needs. Through asking questions, we can offer the strongest return on your investment, whether you plan to stay in your house a couple of years or forever.

A home energy audit can be done any time of year, though we often hear from clients when their house’s HVAC systems are struggling to keep the house cool in the summer or warm in the winter. A high or unexpected energy bill also warrants a call, as well as experiencing drafts, allergies, and vastly different temperatures throughout the house.

After a home energy audit, we can provide your recommendations to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We can offer some of the services recommended as well as consultation services and references for these improvements. This winter throughout the New River Valley was unusually cold. If you found yourself thinking your home should be keeping warmer, you are probably right. As spring approaches, it’s not too late to improve your home’s function and comfort, as the heat of summer isn’t far behind.


Click the link below to watch a video of us performing a blower door test:


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