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Renewable Energy Design and Consultation

Expert Second Opinion Consulting

EarthMore is your expert second opinion for all your home, building, and energy needs. If you’ve received estimates for resolving chronic problems or have paid for services that didn’t fix your issues, EarthMore can help. From moisture issues to poor air quality and beyond, our passion is making you more comfortable while decreasing your environmental impact. 

Solar Photovoltaic Install Consultation

Rest assured you are getting a fair price and a well-producing solar system with our consultation services. A second opinion before an install could save you thousands of dollars. Many newly installed systems don’t produce as much energy as they should and they are often over-priced. We can help ensure you understand your true return-on-investment with the available tax credit, your monthly energy bills, and installation fees. 

Domestic Hot Water

Domestic water heating is the second largest consumer of energy in our homes. Installation of a solar thermal water heating system can reduce your energy bills significantly. We can design an appropriate system based on the hot water needs of your family.

Off-Grid Battery Solutions

There have been abundant emerging battery technologies that have flooded the market in the last couple of years. For homeowners, it can be a daunting task to try to self-perform product research prior to spending tens of thousands of dollars. Our company offers consulting services that can save homeowners money and time. 

Space Heating

Solar thermal panels can heat water that can heat your home. These systems have a quick payback and are becoming more popular as oil prices continue to soar. Do you already have a radiant floor heating system? Solar thermal panels can provide hot water to your radiant floor piping to supplement your auxiliary power source. Solar space heating can also be delivered through existing duct systems or radiators.

Wind Power Systems

Viable wind power is very site specific. Perhaps you live in an area where wind energy is the best renewable energy choice. If so, we have numerous options regarding turbine size and tower installation. Take advantage of tax credits pertaining to wind energy!

Micro-Hydro Power Systems

Much like wind, hydro power’s payback period is dependent upon the site. The positive side is that this renewable energy source can sometimes provide enough power to supply all of your electrical needs! Our hydro site evaluators use several different site analysis techniques for determining whether your stream is a good option for a future hydro-turbine installation.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digesters convert food waste and manure into burnable biogas for cooking, heating, and home generator operation. Of all of the renewable energy technologies, anaerobic digesters may offer the most important benefits in regard to home sustainability and resiliency in times of uncertainty.



Home Energy Audits

Many customers have questions about what an energy audit is. Our service focuses on exploring all areas of your home, utilizing specialized instrumentation to produce an easy-to-interpret energy report that details recommended upgrades for your home.




Home Blower Door Testing

Part of our service involves the use of a blower door instrument to determine how efficient your home’s insulation system is. Weak spots will be determined and economically feasible solutions will be presented for your benefit. The manometer instrument that accompanies the blower door tool allows our experts to determine whether unhealthy air is making its way into your living space. We find that there are many families living in newer homes who have excess air leakage and an improperly installed HVAC system. Leaky ducts, walls, and floors can bring air into the home from the musty crawlspace or attic.


Sustainable Home Design and Build

Earthmore is your go-to expert for Green Home design and consulting services. We specialize in passive solar home design coupled with renewable energy integration throughout the building process. Using the building lot and land as a guide, we can help you design a home that functions by utilizing its environment. Come to us for an estimate for a full design/build, or consultation for those preparing to build their dream home. A low stress construction experience is our main priority. And our passion for what we do makes this easy to accomplish. We are a Class-A licensed contractor/home builder. And our company has built homes for happy customers throughout Virginia for many years.

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