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WE Offer diverse energy related services!

Energy Audits and Weatherization

Insulation and Energy Audits

Our strategy is different that that of the regular insulation companies. Sure, you might need more insulation in your attic and we can do that- but its our expertise in Building Science that allows us to assess your home and provide options with the quickest return on investment. We provide free estimates, but we can also provide low-cost detailed energy audits.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction and Green Building Advising

We offer estimates for new home construction, but primarily we offer consulting services to those interested in designing their “green” dream home. We believe home site location and orientation is crucial in the desing process. We work with you to design the home to uniquely fit the landscape. Costumer satisfaction and a low-stress construction experience is our goal.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy consulting and Design

There is nothing like energy independence. Take advantage of the best time ever to move forward with a renewable energy system. Whether you want solar electric modules or solar water heating panels, we can help you realize your goals. From full off-grid systems to solar thermal green house heating solutions, we are here to offer our design assistance.

About Us

EarthMore is a locally-owned company with only one objective. We find cost-reducing sustainable energy solutions that help our clients lighten their environmental footprints. Our experts can offer most any service relating to energy efficiency- with insulation, passive solar design, and energy consulting- just to name a few. Come to us for all of your residential and commercial energy efficiency needs. The most expensive options are rarely the most sustainable or effective, so let us lead you towards an environmentally sound common-sense approach.


Our Services Include

• Home Insulation, Spray Foam Airsealing, and HVAC Duct Sealing
• Consulting for Clients With Home Issues Needing Expert Second Opinions 
• Green Home Design and Advising (Occasionally We Price Full Builds)
• Renewable Energy Design and Consultation (Design/Consultation Only)

  • Residential 80% 80%
  • Business 95% 95%
  • Efficiency 100% 100%
  • Money Saved 95% 95%

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