Easy duct sealing

Here is another example in the same home mentioned in the last post.  This flex duct was hanging on my a thread.  The original contractor just used a little “duck” tape, not the real stuff like foil tape or mastic.  A smoke test revealed excessive duct-leakage from this spot.  In a matter of minutes, the problem was fixed.  So many homes in Richmond have this problem.  During the building boom, there were too many houses being built too fast, without energy-efficiency in mind.  An average price to seal ductwork is around $650 for an average sized home.  For those of you with average systems, this sealing will pay for itself within 2 to 3 heating seasons.  For the more unfortunate, with major duct-leakage, the return on investment (ROI) may be just one heating season. 

So many homeowners are willing to take on work themselves.  They gain satisfaction from knowing that they were able to accomplish energy efficiency upgrades on their own.  In the energy audits conducted by Sustainable Home Energy Solutions, we offer a free tutorial about how homeowners can seal their ductwork on their own and save BIG TIME!  We can assess your home for a modest fee and educate you how to conquer the easy task of sealing the holes in your HVAC system.  Why pay to run your HCAV system when only 3/4 of the air actually reaches the interior space of your home.  Don’t heat the earth folks!  Don’t let your return ducting suck in dust, fiberglass, and whatever else into your home where you and your family live. 

An average audit costs around $350 for an average sized home.  We use building diagnostic tools, such as blower doors, ductblasters, thermal imaging, and anemometers to give you quantitative numbers that reflect the energy efficiency of your home.  The picture in this post shows a demonstration given to a homeowner, as to how they can seal their ductwork themselves.  In this case, the homeowner was a handy sort of guy and wanted to take on the task himself.  We can give you a price for upgrading your home, but we encourage do-it-yourselfers to walk with us through the audit and learn the easy methods of upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes.  We service all of VA, from Richmond to Washington D.C.  Let us help you in your pursuit of having a healthier and more energy efficient home. 

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