Renewable Energy


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Solar Thermal

Domestic Hot Water

Domestic water heating is the second largest consumer of energy in our homes. Installation of a solar thermal water heating system can reduce your energy bills significantly. We can design an appropriate system based upon the hot water needs of your family.

Pool Heating

Did you know that the average solar thermal pool heating system pays for itself in 2-3 years? Installations are surprisingly inexpensive and generally only take our crew one day. Contact us to discuss prices. We install these systems throughout all of Virginia.

Space Heating

Solar thermal panels can heat water that can heat your home. These systems have a quick payback and are becoming more popular as oil prices continue to soar. Do you already have a radiant floor heating system? Solar thermal panels can provide hot water to your radiant floor piping to supplement your auxiliary power source. Solar space heating can also be delivered through existing duct systems or radiators.

Solar Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity. We offer installations for grid-tied, battery based, and hybrid systems. PV system prices have dropped dramatically in the last five years. Whether you want to live off-grid or just enjoy the idea of living more sustainably, a PV installation could be the right fit for you.

Wind Power Systems

Viable wind power is very site specific. Perhaps you live in an area where wind is the best renewable energy choice. If so, we have numerous options regarding turbine size and tower installation. Take advantage of tax credits pertaining to wind energy!

Micro-Hydro Power Systems

Much like wind, hydro power’s payback period is dependent upon the site. The positive side is that this renewable energy source can sometimes provide enough power to supply all of your electrical needs! Our hydro site evaluators use several different site analysis techniques for determining whether your stream is a good option for a future hydro-turbine installation.

Here are some photos of an assessment that took place in Stephens City, VA. This particular site evaluation involved building a temporary weir to measure the flow of the client’s stream. A notch of particular size is cut into the temporary dam and calculations are based upon the water height flowing through the weir. Scientific site evaluation such as this can provide a client with good estimates involving anticipated amounts of electricity that might be generated from a future system.


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