Energy Audits


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Many customers have questions about what an energy audit is. Our service focuses on exploring all areas of your home, utilizing specialized instrumentation to produce an easy-to-interpret energy report that details recommended upgrades for your home.

Home Blower Door Testing

Part of our service involves the use of a blower door instrument to determine how efficient your home’s insulation system is. Weak spots will be determined and economically feasible solutions will be presented for your benefit. The manometer instrument that accompanies the blower door tool allows our experts to determine whether unhealthy air is making its way into your living space. We find that there are many families living in newer homes who have excess air leakage and an improperly installed HVAC system. Leaky ducts, walls, and floors can bring air into the home from the musty crawlspace or attic.

Duct Sealing

Many homes leak almost half of the air from their space conditioning systems into their attics and crawlspaces. If your ducts have not been properly sealed, your home may be in this category. In many cases, leaky return ducts can suck moldy air from your attic, basement, or crawlspace. This air enters your home, bringing with it unwanted moisture, mold spores, and dust. Do you have concerns about the indoor air quality of your home? Do your heating and cooling bills seem too high? Properly sealing the joints of your heating and cooling ducts costs $225 on average. It is an essential and affordable means of making your home healthier and more energy efficient.


Each home is different, and our expertise is finding and upgrading the insulation in the areas of your home that will make the largest impact on your home’s energy efficiency. We are building scientists. Trust the experts when it comes to stopping air leakage in your house. Reducing air leakage will stop those annoying drafty areas of your home, simultaneously reducing your monthly energy bills. And don’t forget, it’s tax deductible. Call us to schedule a quote today.

Air Quality Control

The quality of the air we breathe inside is much worse than that of outside air. Because we spend 80-90% of our time inside, this is a problem. Do you smell mold, but can’t see it? Perhaps some moldy air from your attic or crawlspace is making its way into your home. Eliminating the moisture will stop the mold. Air sealing your house will prevent you from breathing that crawlspace air. But what else can we do to ensure that our families are always breathing clean air? What about other lung pollutants such as dust and pollen? The answer is installing a fresh air ventilation system. These units can be attached to your existing ductwork to evenly distribute HEPA filtered air from the outside. A fresh air duct pipe is run through an exterior wall of your home, and the ventilator pre-conditions and cleans the air with a HEPA filter before it enters your home’s existing ductwork. Asthma is several times more prevalent in the newest generation of young people. A fresh air ventilation system makes for healthier occupants and a healthier home.


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