Attic Space Conditioning

Should we make the attic a conditioned space? Should we hose it down with several inches of spray foam and close off all the vents, maybe even remove the existing insulation sitting above the ceiling? This is a building science topic of debate…

Home Weatherization

So many Virginians live in older drafty homes where comfort, indoor air quality, and energy bills are an issue. Many folks in Richmond City could definitely use some weatherizing. Just about all of the old fan homes are very drafty and…

Sealing Leaky HVAC Duct Work

If you have high energy bills, you may want to start off by having your HVAC ductwork inspected. The U.S. Department of Energy cites that the average American home leaks 20%-30% of the air your HVAC unit is delivering to the conditioned space of…

Frozen Water Pipes, Anyone?

With the arctic blast that has fallen upon the Richmond area this winter, there are many homeowners with “the frozen water pipe nightmare” on their hands. Here’s how it goes: You wake in the morning after a blistery cold night with single digit…

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